The Cocheco Academy of The Arts (CATA) provides students with a nurturing and supportive environment to explore interests, develop and/or refine artistic abilities while challenging students with a college preparatory academic experience. Instructors use a variety of instructional techniques within their disciplines. this unique school community environment gives each individual student the opportunity to be responsible for providing input in the direction their high school experience takes. Students from the following New Hampshire communities currently attend CATA:

Dover               Barrington               Rochester               Durham               Epping                Stratham               Nottingham  

Milton              Lee                            Newmarket            Northwood          Derry                 Portsmouth           Madbury     

We also have one student from Berwick, Maine.

Charter schools in New Hampshire are public and funded by the state, thus charter schools are tuition-free to New Hampshire residents. The state funds charter schools at a much lower level than traditional public schools, who also have access to a portion of their community budgets for funding. Charter schools do not have access to any individual community budget, so they must make up the difference in funding themselves. we depend on a variety of sources to assist with making up this difference, the most important being donations from our families in order to remain sustainable.

New Hampshire funds its charter schools at one of the lowest rates in the United States. New Hampshire's traditional public school students receive an average of $14,200 in federal, state, and local funding per year. NH charter schools receive only $5,498 per pupil, per year at this time.

Our Budget

CATA's budget is extremely tight. Administration and staff are diligent in balancing spending with maintaining the parameters of the fiscal budget that has been developed. Your donations help provide much needed programming support, materials, and other critical financial needs and operating expenses.

What is the Annual Fund Goal?

this year's Annual Fund Goal is set at $40,000.00, which is approximately $645.00 per student. We acknowledge that every family can contribute that amount of money, so we ask that each family contribute what they can comfortably so we can continue to provide the quality of programming that is currently being offered.

How Can I Contribute?

By check:

  1. ​Make the check out to Cocheco Academy of The Arts or CATA
  2. Place Annual Fund on the Memo Line
  3. Send checks to: CATA, 40 Hampshire Circle, Dover, NH 03820, Attn: Brenda McCartney

Using the Donation Button Below:

On many of the pages, including this one, a button labeled Donate. Click on the button and complete the information requested. You will have the option to pay by credit card or a PayPal account. You can also choose to make a single contribution or set up a monthly contribution if you so choose. All contributions are tax deductable.

We thank you all for your hard work and support that you each provide our school mission.

Cocheco Academy of The Arts * 40 Hampshire Circle, Dover, NH 03820 * (603) 742-0700