Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to CATA?
Students are required to complete the application form (see "Admissions" link), and submit all supporting documentation. Upon receipt of all forms, a visiting day will be scheduled by CATA’s guidance counselor. The applicant will be assigned to a host student, who will take them to all their classes and introduce them to other students and faculty. After the shadow day has been completed and all application materials have been received, the applicant and parent(s) will meet with the Guidance Director and/or the School Director for a final interview. Performing artists will complete an audition and visual/writing artists will present their portfolio.

Am I guaranteed a slot once I apply?
No. Your application, audition, portfolio and interview will be reviewed by our admissions committee, at which time a decision will be made and you will be notified of the decision. Slots for each grade are limited. You may be accepted but not have an immediate slot available, in which case you will be put into a “lottery” for slots as they come open.

How much is tuition for CATA?
There is no tuition For New Hampshire Students to attend CATA. We are a choice public charter school. We receive  funding from the Department of Education on a per-student basis, which does not meet the overall cost of education per student. We have an Annual Fund that we build throughout the year through fundraising efforts and donations. Families will receive a number of appeals through the course of a year to inform them of where we are in funding the Annual Fund and how much we still need to raise. We ask that families who are able to do so, help us to make up the difference of the cost to educate. In addition, we seek private donations to help defray those costs for all. If you are an out of state student, please contact the CATA Office at (603) 742-0700 to discuss our tuition policies for out of state students.

How much does it cost to educate a student (per year) at CATA?
$8,600.00. We receive $5,450.00 from the Department of Education, leaving us $3,150.00 per student, per year, to make up.

Are there any other expenses we should be aware of?
Yes. We recommend each student have either a MAC or Windows laptop computer with wireless. In addition, there are nominal materials fees associated with many courses. Those fees are collected at the beginning of each semester and can range in price from $5.00 to $25.00 and can be paid via Paypal.

Is there transportation provided for CATA students?
No. However, our downtown Dover location makes for an easy commute via the Downeaster, Coast Bus, and Wildcat Transit. Otherwise, students are driven to CATA by parents or other caregivers, and students with licenses (and cars!) drive themselves. Some students also carpool; another great (and green) option.

How many students attend CATA?
CATA can host up to 100 students. We have cutoff limits of 24 students per class before needing to use the lottery for open positions within a class.

What does my student need to attend CATA?

Students need to have access to a laptop (either PC or Mac) on a daily basis. Students should also have access to other standard school materials (writing utensils, notebooks, etc.), lunch, and a positive attitude and open mind towards learning.

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