Supporting CATA​

​What is a Charter School?

​ A public charter school is an independent (not attached to any one school district or town) school which provides students, families, and staff an alternative to traditional public high schools without the cost of private high schools. In the state of New Hampshire, charter schools are considered public schools, and thus receive funding from the state, though charter schools receive significantly less funding than their district-attached counterparts. As a result, New Hampshire residents are not charged tuition. The funding that charter schools receive is among the lowest funding provided to charter schools in the country. In exchange for the amount of state funding, charter schools are granted the ability to create missions that are unique to each individual charter school.

As a result of the lower amount of state funding received, charter schools must rely on a variety of other forms of financial support including private and corporate donations or sponsorship, fundraising, grants, and contributions from families. As a non-profit organization, donations are tax deductible. (For more information, contact Mrs. McCartney through the main office.)

How Can you support CATA?
​There are many ways that an individual or family can support CATA and its' mission. CATA has an Annual Fund, which is a monetary goal that is set each year to offset the gap that exists between state funding and the cost of education. Individuals and/or families can make general donations directly to the Annual Fund, or through financially supporting the various fundraisers that are held throughout the year. Small businesses and corporations can provide sponsorship for a department or a class which would provide needed funding for instruction and materials. Our Parent's Association provides a vehicle for supporting CATA's mission as well. Volunteering is just as important a method of support, and taking responsibility for organizing one of the PA's activities, or donating time or materials can be very helpful. 
Your generosity in both time and monetary contributions help us continue to operate and focus on meeting our mission goals of providing excellence ​in secondary education through college preparatory academics, performing arts, fine arts, and technology related to the arts. We remain dedicated to creating an educational community where each student thrives, exploring personal interests in an atmosphere that encompasses different learning styles, individual learning opportunities, smaller class sizes and multiple methods of learning assessment.

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