Winter Weather/Virtual Days

CATA has created a unique response to the perils of winter travel to school that can accompany the snowy days in New England. Rather than cancel school as most traditional schools do, or post emails with a list of work that must be done, or Blizzard Bags, CATA holds Virtual Days. On a Virtual Day, classes are taught in real time online through a web based program. Students can hear their instructors live, ask them questions, and respond to questions while viewing any notes or images that instructors are sharing with their students.

When a virtual day is being called, families will find information on WMUR's Storm Watch School Closing list either on Channel 9 or on their website at Information regarding Virtual Days will also be posted on CATA's FaceBook page, and an email will be sent out to all families. Students will have the Virtual Day Schedule available through Haiku, CATA's FaceBook page, and the school's website under the Students tab. The Director will make determinations as early as possible so families can remain safe. The decision to hold a Virtual Day is a bit different for CATA than it is for any traditional school district because of the number of students that we have that travel some distance to get to school. The weather may appear very mild where you reside, yet be bad enough for us to call a Virtual Day in order to keep students safe.

If winter weather is such that travel could be hazardous for you, and school remains open, we always expect that parents will make a decision to keep their child home if they are not confident that travelling would be safe. Calling the main office at (603) 742-0700 or emailing would inform school of the reason for your child's absence, which would be considered excused.

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