Meet our Team

Alison Frisella
alison candid.jpg

Alison Frisella (they/them) is a 2019 CATA Alum, joining us this fall as a math paraprofessional. They are currently a sophomore at Lesley University, where they study Political Science and Math Studies. While they currently plan to pursue a career in politics, they've always loved teaching math and are excited to be returning to CATA to do so this year.


Alison's Capstone Project at CATA explored the ways in which students struggle to learn math in high school, and proposed a protocol to make math education more accessible and beneficial for students. As a TA their senior year, Mx. Frisella implemented the approach in a CATA math class.

In returning to CATA, Alison will continue to use these methods of teaching to ensure all CATA students are able to learn math in a way that is engaging and accessible. 


In their time as a student at CATA, some of Mx. Frisella's favorite classes were Comedic Writing Workshop, Race and Gender in Art, and Modern Problems. 

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