Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find the fall schedule?

Semester I schedule is posted with student documents.  Semester II info will be added yearly during the month of January.

How much is school tuition?

Cocheco Academy of The Arts is a public charter high school.  New Hampshire students do not pay tuition.  Out of state students are eligible to attend. Tuition is based on our costs to educate. The cost for 2019-2020 is $9000. Payments can be done quarterly or per semester.  Contact us for more information.

What time does school dismiss on Early Release Days?

School dismisses at Noon and the building closes at 12:15. Students are not supervised after that time and must wait outside the building. 

Can I schedule a school visit?

Yes!  We have an information night every month and you're welcome to visit and walk around our school.  We also schedule Shadow Days for prospective students. It's a perfect way to experience what it's like to be a CATA student. Email us at to schedule. All students are required to attend a shadow day prior to their admissions meeting. Due to Covid-19 we've curtailed shadow days however, our plan is to begin online shadow opportunities for interested students beginning in October 2020.

Does CATA have a PTA?

Yes!  Cocheco Academy has a Parent's Association that assists our school in a number of ways.  The PA helps with recruitment and fundraising as well as volunteering at events throughout the year.  For  more information about the PA, which meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, please contact Brenda McCartney for details. 

Is CATA a college prepatory school?

Yes, CATA is focused on preparing students for college and for career readiness. In fact, a graduation requirement is that each student must apply to and be accepted by at least one college. Also, juniors and seniors are required to participate in a two-year project that requires students to choose an issue in society, research it, and then present a real-life implementation of a solution to that problem. This encourages students to be critical thinkers and to consider the world around them. 

Can you accommodate SPED students?

Although CATA does not offer specific classes for special education students, we will work with sending schools if students have IEPs or 504 plans in place.

Does CATA provide transportation?

CATA does not provide transportation to students. However, we have many students who carpool, and we are close to a Coast bus stop if students want to take public transportation. Student may drive themselves. We do have a parking lot available to students for an annual fee. This lot is about a 5-10 minute walk from the main school building.

What makes CATA different than other public high schools?

CATA’s focus on music and visual arts education makes it stand out from many area schools. If you know of a student who loves to sing or play an instrument, or who is interested in painting, photography, or other visual arts, this might be the place for them. And the focus on the arts isn’t just about specific classes—in fact, all classes require creative components as part of assignments. This allows students to “think outside the box” in terms of demonstrating what they have learned. 

In addition, students are encouraged to be creative thinkers, and play a big part in directing their own educational journeys. Students will get out of CATA what they are willing to put into it. Students are encouraged to set up Educational Learning Opportunities (ELOs) if they are interested in a topic that is not currently covered by a class. ELOs can include anything from taking a Chinese language class through VLACS to training for a marathon (PE credits!). ELOs are open to students in their Junior and Senior year who are excelling academically and cannot take the place of a current course offered at our school.

And, finally, CATA is truly an inclusive community. We welcome students who may not feel comfortable or welcomed in their current settings. CATA’s staff and students appreciate originality, and encourage students to show their true colors as well as push out of their traditional comfort zones.