Class of 2020

Emily Pezzolesi

The Funny Introvert

(who's really an extrovert but she hides it)

University of Massachusetts - Lowell

  •  Emily, you once told me that you love money! Isn't it funny that a character even says that in the very last gasp of senior year  the play, "Our Town". (I would like to hear your voice one more time before you sail onward from CATA.) - Ms. Izard

  • Emily, you've changed so much from the first day you walked into CATA. From the kid who made zero eye contact to one who stops in to say hi.  Embrace that person - she's your future. - Mrs. Baker

  • I enjoyed our small poetry unit together, and thank you for bringing the world of confessional poets to me! - Ms. Treichel

  • Emily, you were a rock in Yearbook, powering through pages quietly and efficiently.  Thank you. - Mrs. McCartney 


40 Hampshire Circle Dover NH United States 03820

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