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Kelly Baker

When not on a on a beach somewhere Kelly is the Guru of All Things at CATA. 

Her interest are wide ranging including Bruin's Hockey, Bruce Springsteen, kayaking, photography, coffee and boatloads of travel.  Kelly's approach to life is to look on the bright side while panicking and running amok.

She's proud to say her daughter is a CATA graduate and she has been involved with CATA in one form or another for over eight years. 

Kelly has a degree in Non-Profit Business Management from Fayetteville Technical College and a certificate in Non-Profit Marketing from Salem State University.  She is a member of the National Tutoring Association, a certified paraprofessional and has taught English as a non-native language. 


She enjoys wearing the Admin and Teacher hat (because who doesn't enjoy a good hat) at CATA. She is also a Khan Academy Ambassador and Google Applied Digital Ambassador where she works with other schools and school leaders across the country in best practices for education both online and in the classroom.

Her dog Sandy is the unofficial ambassador of good cheer and dog cuddles at CATA.

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